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Franz Wirl's resume, detailing education/certification/training, teaching and publications/presentations

franz wirl
Dr. Franz Wirl
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Franz Wirl has a long-lasting passion for researching and teaching.

education, certification, training

PhD (Doktorat) in economics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Vienna), at the Institute for Information Systems and New Media.
Acquisition and participating in Google's open source competition Google Summer of Code 2008.
ERASMUS-Program at the Reykjavík University in Iceland
Focus on development of new technologies for distributed systems.
Master's Degree (Magister) in economics and computer science (Wirtschaftsinformatik) at the University of Vienna (in cooperation with TU Vienna). Master's thesis in the area of Multimedia Information Systems entitled "Annotation von Medien - Konzepte und Anwendungen". Development of an Annotation Model and an prototypical Tool for Multimedia Content.
  • Information management and visualization
  • Software quality assurance
  • Knowledgebased systems
  • Strategies for environmental problems
01/2005 Bachelor's Degree (Bakkelaureat) in economics and computer science (Wirtschaftsinformatik) at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna). Bachelor's thesis in the area of data warehouse "Wie muss ein Data Warehouse entworfen werden um Firmenziele zu unterstützen?" and in the area of environmental economics "Aktivitätsanalyse der österreichischen Kunststoffbehandlung auf der Basis des Energieeinsatzes je Aktivitätsstufe".
Social Service. Accompaniment of students with physical constraints. Vienna, Austria.
A-Level. (Matura) Higher Technical Education Institute (HTL) for Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen - Ausbildungszweig Betriebsinformatik in Vienna, Austria.


Management Information Structures lecture on modern information structures on the web, WU Vienna.
IT-Case Studies: Understanding Business Networks advanced lecture on network analysis for intra-company communication, WU Vienna.
Einführung in das objektorientierte Programmieren introduction into the area of object oriented programming, WU Vienna.
Supportive teaching Supportive teaching in Seminar aus Wirtschaftsinformatik, IT-Praktikum mit Bachelorarbeit and Grundzüge der Modellierung, WU Vienna.
Bachelor thesis Supervisor of several bachelor thesis and seminar papers, WU Vienna.
Software training Software trainings for office suits, and intranet solutions.

publications and public presentations

[10] Entwicklung eines Annotationssystems für elektronische Lernmaterialien, ISBN 978-3-8381-3146-7 by Franz Wirl in MoreBooks! Publishing
[9] Dissertation examined by Gustaf Neumann and Arno Scharl, October 2011 at WU-Vienna
[8] Expert analysis towards a mobile e-Learning Platform, in Proceedings of IADIS e-LEARNING 2011, February 2011, Spain
[7] Image Annotations for e-Learning Platforms, in Proceedings of IADIS International Conference 2009, June 2009, Portugal
[6] A Business Rule Management System based on high-level object oriented scripting language, Google Summer of Code 2008, 2008
[5] Talk about Business Rule Management Systems at European Tcl/Tk User Meeting 2008
[4] Living Memory Annotation Tool – Image Annotations for Digital Libraries in Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries, pp. 549-550.
[3] Final Deliverable of IST-2002-, Building Resources for Integrated Cultural Knowledge Services (BRICKS)
[2] JHove Article in KIM-DINI-Technology-Watch-Report 01/2007, Göttingen.
[1] Annotation von Medien Konzepte und Anwendungen Diploma thesis 11/2005, Wien.