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Coding bounty: Social news dissemination package for OpenACS


A central application service for developing web application is managing and disseminating news information. OpenACS already delivers a variety of news managing applications, however, most of them are heavily outdated, unmaintained, or lack important features (see References). Besides, they do not well integrate with newer concepts of community-based applications, i.e. social software systems, with communities being formed ad hoc or in a situational manner. Examples for these kinds of networked dissemination platforms are Diggs (http://diggs.com/),  reedit (http://reddit.com/new/), and Newsvine (http://newsvine.com/). Their shared characteristic is that aggregation of news follows community expressions (votes, polls, ...). The dissemination of news information needs to be generic and support multiple channels of dissemination, i.e. ordinary mark-up, feed generation and syndication (RSS, ATOM, ...) etc. Rich interaction models for various roles of users must be supported.

Tasks/ Deliverables

  1. Requirements gathering:
    Review and evaluate the existing news managment support in OpenACS and .LRN, i.e. review existing applications packages. Study their set of features and prioritise requirements. In addition, study the "social news" platforms given above and review the "social news aggregation" techniques. Some conceptual readings are given below.
  2. Requirements elicitation:
    Draft some user stories and capture them in UML Use Case diagrams. They may guide your upcoming design decisions.
  3. Modelling:
    By means of UML for Web Engineering (UWE) sketch your design from all three viewpoints supported: content, presentation, and navigation view. Select the appropriate diagram types for each viewpoint.
  4. Design:
    Review existing application services and application packages whether you may re-use and integrate their functionality into your application package. Note that your package should be entirely developed in XOTcl and by framework infrastructure provided by the xotcl-core package. XOWiki is certainly an interested starting point for your re-use endeavour. However, its feature set might be to complex to achieve your prototypical goals.
  5. Documentation: Finally, once your prototype is sufficiently realised, you are required to deliver (a) a user/ administration documentation and (b) a developer-centered documentation. This steps serves the refinement of your modelling phase. Use the modelling artifacts in your documentation, especially the developer-centred one.


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