0582 - IT-Spez: Vertiefungskurs I - Neue Medien
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[Session material]

[Timetable for Deliverables] 

  • Session 4 // May 29, 2008:

    Requirements elicitation for re-engineering news/ news-aggregator packages (Reflection on self-experienced usage, collection of questions) as wiki page (per-group).

  • Session 5 // June 03, 2008:

    Prepare a discussion on WikiLENS, a system realising a community-based recommender. Try to be able to answer the following questions:
    • How do the findings and lessons learnt apply to a community-based news recommender?
    • What kind of collaborative filtering technique is applied in community-based recommenders?
    • What do you need to consider and add to the reverse-engineered design of the legacy news/ news aggregator packages to add such a particular feature?

  • Session 6 // June 05, 2008:

    1. Selection of user scenarios (in writing) and use cases (identifying major roles and interactions).
    2. Content modelling by means of UWE (main content concepts to be realised in the revised news package).
    3. Navigation and access modelling by means of UWE (based on use cases).
    4. Presentation modelling by means of UWE.
    5. Ordinary functional modelling using appropriate UML instruments (especially for the collaborative filtering feature).

  • June 05 - June 19, 2008: Implementation phase (Facultative presence courses on selected topics)

  • Week 26 (exact date to be negotiated): Final deliveries as required by the coding bounty.

[Development-related readings]

[Auxiliary material]


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