franz wirl

Franz Wirl's leisure activities, detailing climbing, endurance sport and other sports.

Franz Wirl has a passion for endurance sport, climbing (since 2007) and sports in general.


05/2009 Kaiser - Franz - Joseph Klettersteig. A nice fixed rope route to the top of Seemauer. A long but fascinating tour.
04/2009 Johnsbachsteig. A short, but frightening tour on top of a cliff next to Johnsbach.
08/2008 Pittentaler-Steig. Climbing on top to an old artificial ruin called Türkensturz..
07/2008 Pirknerklamm. A nice fixed rope route along thunderous water of the Pirknerklamm.

endurance sport

07/2009 Jedermann Zehnkampf. Again being part of this event. Leaving the event with more points, and a third place within my group.
06/2007 Jedermann Zehnkampf. Getting the first time in touch with Decathlon was a cheerful and exciting endeavor. The non-professional Jedermann Zehnkampf is the biggest such kind event in Vienna
04/2007 Vienna City Marathon. Again a nice but very hot experience.
05/2005 Vienna City Marathon. My first trial of a marathon in Vienna was an exhausting, but thrilling experience.

other sports

Snowboarding. Enjoying the austrian alps.
Mountain Biking. During summer time I go out mountain biking in the Wienerwald and sometimes at Puchberg.